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Professional tools, cutting-edge technologies, simplified experience
Strategic partners
The convenience of CEX in the DEX world
Our platform merges ease-of-use with decentralized trading's potential, for a streamlined trading journey
Smart Orders
Execute trades with MEV-shielded security, automatic approval, fail guard and preset Take Profit and Stop Loss — all in one swift action for optimal outcomes
Limit Orders
Set your desired price for buy or sell and let Alpha Wallet automate the rest. Secure the best trades even when you're offline, with precision and control
Auto Trading
Automatically trade tokens using our research tools. Set your preferred parameters, such as market cap, volume, liquidity, and a variety of others
Secure early access to upcoming tokens with miner bribing, ensuring you're among the initial post-launch buyers
Sniping & Bribing
Create Order
Token launch
Fixed Profit
MEV Protection
Shield your trades from front-running and other exploitative strategies, maintaining fairness and efficiency in your crypto dealings
In the event of a transaction failure, rest assured that you won't incur any charges. We prioritize your trading experience, ensuring that only successful transactions impact your wallet
Fail Guard
Use cutting edge
research tools
Explore hidden token opportunities through advanced on-chain signal analysis, designed to identify promising trading prospects for you
Sniping Scope
Analyze the activity of traders on contracts of new Ethereum tokens before their launch
Block X-Ray
Trade and discover everything in one fell swoop, because our platform combines the search for new generation tokens with convenient trading tools to maximize profits
Whale Signals
A solution that transforms the token search logic, catering to individual user requests for research and executing trading strategies in an automated mode
Receive instant notifications about tokens as soon as the market giants pay attention to it, and follow their dynamics to ride the wave of opportunities
Universal access
across devices
Comming Soon
Web Terminal Bydex
The ultimate trading edge for DEX traders. Fast, detailed market insights and high-speed trading, far beyond mobile limits
Ready To Use
Telegram Bot
Use professional DEX trading tools, market insights, portfolio analytics, and signals are all available in one easy, always-accessible interface within the messenger
Road Map
Token Trade
Limit Orders
Automated token trading using Alpha DEX research tools. Set preferred parameters such as market capitalization, volume, liquidity, and many others
Automate your trading with limit orders - set orders to buy or sell at your desired price. Limit order grid
Web Terminal Bydex
The key advantage for DEX traders: a quick, comprehensive market understanding and fast trading that surpasses the capabilities of mobile trading with enhanced features
Sniping DEX tokens
AI Assistant
Swiftly acquire recently registered DEX tokens to capitalize on early growth opportunities in the dynamic crypto market
Experience the convenience of voice control and a personal financial assistant
Ready to Use
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